portioned steaks & chops

portioned steaks & chops

Portion control steaks and chops can help chefs and restaurants control their bottom line through consistent portion sizing, expert butchery, reduced labor costs and 0% waste.

available cuts

angus beef
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Tenderloin Steaks (6 & 8oz)

Striploin Steaks (10, 12 & 14oz)

Ribeye Steaks (10, 12 & 14oz)

Bone-in Cowboy Ribeye Steaks (18/22 & 22/26oz)

Porterhouse Steaks (22oz)

Portioned Short Ribs (1.5-1.7" cut)

Flat Iron Steaks (6, 8 & 10oz)

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Leg Cutlets

Porterhouse Chops (16oz)

Frenched Rib Chops
(12/14, 14/16 & 16/18oz) 

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4-Rib Frenched Half-Racks

Boneless Striploins 

Kurobuta (berkshire) pork
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Frenched Rib Chops (14oz)

Porterhouse Chops (12oz)

Loin Chops (12oz) 

Irish Nature Beef

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Tenderloin Steaks (6 & 8oz)

Boneless Ribeye Steaks (10, 12 & 14oz)

Bavette (Sirloin Flap) Steaks (6, 8 & 10oz)

100% full-blooded wagyu beef

Flat Iron Steaks (8oz)

Top Sirloin Steaks, "Filet or Baseball Style" (10oz)

Cowboy (Bone-In) Ribeye Steaks (18/20oz)

Ribeye Steaks (12oz)

Striploin Steaks, Center Cut (14oz)

Striploin Vein Steaks (8oz)

Tenderloin Steaks (8oz)