Pekin duck:
America’s Quintessential Duck


Pekin duck (aka Long Island Duckling) is the most farmed duck in North America and the duck consumers are most likely to find on restaurant menus and in grocery stores. Its classic "mild" flavor has broad appeal and is the taste that comes to mind when most people think of duck.

Pekin duck’s milder flavor makes it versatile. It works equally well for preparations as diverse as Peking Duck and Long Island Roast Duckling with cherry sauce. Pair Pekin duck with a variety of flavors and ingredients, from pungent Szechuan peppercorns and sharp mustards to savory herbs and sweet fruits.

Our Pekin Duck is raised in Quebec by Lac Brome Lake. Their controlled production meets the highest industry standards and state-of-the-art technology produces bio-safe, eco-friendly results.

• Raised with Room to Roam
• All-Natural Vegetarian Diet
• No Antibiotics or Hormones
• Air Chilled

Available cuts

· Leg Quarters   
· Breast, double lobe, boneless, split

· Whole Young Duckling
· Rendered Duck Fat

· Drummettes