Sobeval Premium French Veal

Sobeval Premium French Veal


  • Born, raised and processed in France
  • Holsteins & French bulls cross-bred for consistency and flavor
  • Higher percentage of milk for whiter meat
  • Processed at 6 months for maximum tenderness
  • Graded on color, carcass weight, musculature, fat level & pH
  • Blast frozen to lock in the optimal aging

French Born, Raised & Butchered

This exceptional wholesale veal comes from Southwest France, the land of foie gras and truffles, Bordeaux wines and cassoulet. For more than 40 years, Sobeval has worked with small farmers and independent breeders across France to produce veal wholesale. Crossbreeding Holsteins with celebrated French breeds like Blonde Aquitaine, Charolais, Blanc Bleu, Limousin, Aubrac, and Salers, enhances the flavor and consistency of their product. Expert French butchering supplies the finishing touch.

Milk-fed Makes a Difference

These wholesale cuts of veal have a whiter color, exquisite texture, and delicate flavor. The calves consume mother’s milk in their first weeks, then transition to a diet that contains 65% milk  (higher than most wholesale veal calves) and 35% corn, hay, and other grains, as well as the necessary nutrients and vitamins for healthy animals.

available cuts

Boneless Striploin, 0x0

Boneless Striploin, 0x0, center cut, silverskin off

Boneless Hip Rump, trimmed

Cap Off Top Rounds, trimmed

Flanks, cleaned

Butt Tenderloins

5oz Leg Cutlets, not pounded

5oz Top Round Cutlets, not pounded

Marrow Bones

Center -Cut Hindshank, hock off

Hindshank Osso Bucco, 2", center cut

Hindshank Osso Bucco, 2.5", center cut

6-Bone Racks, chop ready

6-Bone Racks, chop ready

14oz Frenched Rib Chops

12oz Frenched Rib Chops for Milanese

15oz Porterhouse Chops, 0" Tail