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Discover New Cuts


We travel the world searching for new products to help you keep things fresh. Create exciting new menu items with these innovative cuts.

Beef Cuts

  • Boneless Beef Marrow
  • Thor's Hammer
  • Single Rib, Long Bone Short Ribs
  • Oyster Steaks
  • Split Hanger, cleaned
  • Split Flat Iron, cleaned

  • Suckling Pig (cochinillo de Segovia)
  • Boneless Iberico Spare Ribs ( Lagrimas)
  • Iberico Belly Fillet (Secreto Barriguera)
  • Iberico Rib Cover (Abanico)

  • 4-rib Racks
  • Welsh Lamb

  • Boneless Breasts
  • Frenched Lollipop Legs

  • Bone-in Hind Legs
  • Saddles (bone-in or boneless)

  • French Veal
  • New Zealand Petite Racks

A meat wholesaler & meat importer combined

We are a unique player in the foodservice distribution industry. Because we are also a meat importer, we have a deep understanding of chefs’ needs, and we can communicate those needs directly with our producers, encouraging them to develop novel and more efficient cuts that will delight and inspire chefs.

We travel constantly both to scout new products and visit our meat vendors. We work closely with them to develop unique products designed to stimulate a wealth of new menu ideas. We specialize in chef-ready cuts that exhibit the precise, expert butchery our customers expect. These are some of our more recently acquired programs.

• Our wholesale beef options have broadened to include Ocean Beef, pasture raised in New Zealand and hand selected for grain-finishing by the sea. These steers receive the kind of attention to detail usually associated with waygu beef, and the result is lavishly marbled meat with exceptional flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness—truly a superior eating experience.

• Welsh Hill: Pasture raised free range Welsh Hill Lamb has joined our wholesale lamb program. It is 100% traceable from the 2,000 small family farms where it is raised, to the processing plants that are powered by renewable energy and generate no landfill waste.

• Sobeval Premium French Veal is from milk-fed calves born, raised, and butchered in France, the offspring of Holstein cows crossbred with French bulls for flavor and consistency. We’re confident it is the tenderest wholesale veal on the market.

• Cochinillo de Segovia (suckling pig), like Iberico pork, is one of Spain's gastronomic wonders. Whole roasted suckling pig with it's incredibly tender meat and crackling skin is a guaranteed showstopper at the table.



Experience matters. As a dedicated specialty meat wholesaler with three generations of experience, we understand the importance to our customers of high quality, consistency, and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of meat production, ensuring that our products meet the needs of buyers across the meat supply chain.

Make Marx Foodservice your premier wholesale meat supplier for high-quality meats, including cuts you likely won’t find anywhere else. We are a full-service meat supplier unique among restaurant food distributors in that we also import our meat products. Our meats are carefully selected for exceptional taste and consistency. Our emphasis on sustainable sourcing, humane animal husbandry, and free range and organic meats also allows you to confidently meet the demands of your environmentally conscious customers. You won’t find higher standards anywhere else in the foodservice distribution industry.