Poulet Rouge chickens (also called naked neck or redbro cou nu chicken) are a heritage French breed renowned for their thinner skin, shape and flavor.

Raised on family farms in North Carolina from authentic breeding stock imported from France to strict Label Rouge standards, Poulet Rouge chickens grow slower than conventional chickens, resulting in a more delicious bird.

Poulet Rouge chickens are shaped differently than conventional chickens: they're leaner, longer and less pudgy. They can be prepared in similar ways with the ingredients and flavors typically used with chicken or other mild poultry.


  • Vegetarian Fed
  • No Antibiotics, Hormones or Animal By-Products
  • Raised Free Range
  • Authentic Heritage French Breed
  • Raised According to Label Rouge Standards
  • Air Chilled

label rouge standards

Farmers raising Poulet Rouge chickens start with "Never Ever" standards: chickens are never given antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants, and there's never any animal by-products in feed.

The Label Rouge (Red Label) standards were established in the 1960s by the French government to preserve heritage breeds and artisanal farming methods, ensuring the utmost animal husbandry and a high quality, flavorful product.

The program has very stringent standards that covers all aspects of chicken production: growing, housing and sanitation, transportation and processing.

Specific requirements include breed genetics, a low maximum stocking density in houses, a resting period for houses between flocks, flock size, access to pasture (free range), a minimum growing time, feed ingredients and air chilling.

available cuts

Whole Birds (2.5-3lb)