milk fed suckling lamb from new zealand

milk fed suckling lamb from new zealand

A luxurious delicacy akin to suckling pig, milk-fed suckling lamb is very tender and mild in flavor. Pasture-raised in New Zealand and fed only mother's milk, the meat is white in color, moist and succulent.

Prized in European cuisines and most often prepared for Easter banquets, our New Zealand suckling lambs are available year-round.

  • 21-35 Days Old
  • Only Fed Mother's Milk
  • No Antibiotics or Hormone Growth Promotants
  • GMOs Are Illegal in New Zealand
  • Aged 96 Hours for Superior Flavor & Tenderness
  • Portioned into 5 Cuts, Spanish Style
  • Skin, Head & Hooves Off
  • Bone-In

available cuts

8-Way Cut Suckling Lambs:

Hind Legs (Pierna)
Shoulders (Paletilla)
Whole Loin, Split (Chuletero)
Necks (Cuello)
Full Flanks/Briskets