Wagyu beef is a distinguished Japanese breed renowned across the world for its intense marbling, which yields incredible flavor, tenderness & juiciness.

Frontier is a true "never ever" program, raised without hormone growth promotants or antibiotics. This full-blooded wagyu beef is raised in the USA by a co-op of farmers that utilize the genetics & traditional feeding and grain-finishing processes of Japanese Kobe beef to produce a consistent American wagyu beef with intense marbling and a rich, buttery flavor.

  • "Never Ever" Added Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Raised in Texas
  • All Cuts Have a Marble Score of 8+
  • Aged a Minimum of 21 Days Prior to Blast Freezing
  • All Steaks are Hand Cut
  • 100% Wagyu Genetics

"wagyu" vs. "kobe"

Wagyu (which translates to "Japanese cattle") beef is produced from Japanese breeds. The name "Kobe" can only be used for beef that has been raised in the Kobe region of Japan (just like Champagne can only truly be called by that name if it's produced in the Champagne region of France). So all Japanese cattle raised outside of Kobe, Japan must be called either "Kobe-style" or "Wagyu" beef.

Compared to conventional beef, wagyu has a bolder flavor and is more tender thanks to the rich intramuscular fat (marbling). It can be seasoned simply and is best prepared and served medium-rare like other high-end beef cuts.

unique marbling score

Wagyu beef's marbling is rated using a unique system different from that used for conventional beef, called the BMS (beef marble score). This scale essentially starts at "Prime," the highest USDA quality grade. While only about 5% of all beef produced in the US achieves Prime, at least 90% of wagyu will be graded Prime and beyond.

The higher the BMS number, the more marbled the meat. All of the cuts we carry score at least 8. Ask your rep for details on the BMS ratings of currently available cuts.

available cuts

Bone-In Short Ribs, Chuck

Boneless Short Ribs, Chuck

Sirloin Flap Meat

Chuck Flaps (Zabuton)


Ground Meat

Outer Skirt Steaks

Inner Skirt Steaks

Coulottes (Rump Caps)

Eye Round

Teres Majors

Hanging Tenders

Flank Steaks

Flat Irons, Whole

Hot Dog

Smoked Sausage w/ Jalapeno & Cheese

Platinum Grade Striploin, 0x1 (MBS 8+)

Platinum Grade Ribeye, 2x2 (MBS 8+)

Kuro Grade Striploin, 0x1 (MBS 6-8)

Kuro Grade Ribeye, 2x2 (MBS 6-8)