bison tomahawk steak

Eye-catching on any menu, bison is an ideal choice to offer guests who are seeking healthier beef alternatives. Like other game meats, bison is leaner and lower in fat and cholesterol compared to conventional beef, and it's higher in protein and iron.

Often described as a richer version of beef with a slightly sweet and clean flavor, bison's versatile flavor profile makes it adaptable to easily be substituted for beef in most recipes (as long as its lower fat content and thus shorter cooking time is factored into the preparation).

  • Free Range
  • No Hormones or Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics
  • High in Protein & Iron
  • Less Cholesterol than Skinless Chicken
  • Half the Fat of Conventional Beef
  • Easy Upgrade: Bison can Replace Conventional Beef in Most Recipes
  • Cooks More Quickly Due to Lower Fat Content

available cuts

Tenderloins (189A)

Boneless Striploins

Boneless Ribeyes, Lip On

Hanger Steaks

Outer Skirt, Peeled

Bone-in Short Ribs
(3 bones wide)

Oxtail, Whole


Ground Meat