about us


The Marx Family has built a team of true meat experts who have decades of firsthand experience. We are butchers, chefs, and meat industry professionals by trade and by heritage. We provide top restaurants and chefs coast to coast with the ingredients they need to elevate the center of every plate.

We select our meats for their exceptional taste and consistency. Our North Star is finding, developing, and refining top quality products with foodservice operators in mind, including seeking out unique cuts that aren't commonly found elsewhere. We talk to the farmers and visit the processing facilities, establishing relationships at every level.

Over the years we have worked very closely with producers to develop specs that are dialed in to foodservice needs. Many of our cuts are chef ready or high yielding. Our aim is to continue to improve and evolve our product specs to help our customers achieve maximum profitability.

As both a wholesaler and an importer, we can cut out the middlemen and the extra markups that go along with them, that means our pricing is more competitive, another plus for our customers.

We emphasize sustainable sourcing and humane animal husbandry, and seek out free range, wild and organic meats to meet the growing demands of an environmentally conscious public. You won’t find higher standards anywhere else in the foodservice distribution industry.




To secure the highest quality products, we buy direct from the source. The finest meats almost always come from small farms or family-owned companies that have been in business for generations and who truly care about animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and eating quality. We routinely visit our vendors to assure continuing quality. We also actively engage with our suppliers to improve specs and influence how our meats are fabricated, adding more value for our customers.


Our family started in the meat business as butchers and cattle dealers. Over time we built a team experienced in every facet of the business. We not only spend many days on the farms and in the processing plants, but we also work with chefs in our test kitchen, weighing, measuring, butchering, testing yields, and calculating food costs, all to make our products more profitable for our customers.


Consistency is king. Your diners expect it. We know you need consistent plating of every dish service after service, so we built our entire supply chain to provide products you can depend on year-round for consistent butchery, quality, price, and availability.


We want to be a resource and a partner. Above and beyond basic distribution services, we can lend our expertise for staff training, and our marketing team stands ready to support your marketing program. Our definition of success is your success.