Bluefin Tuna

Fresh & Sustainably Fished

Our bluefin tuna comes from Balfegó, a family-run company based in L’Ametlla de Mar on the Spanish coast of the Mediterranean Sea, renowned for their ability to achieve the optimum point of fat in each fish, resulting in perfect color and balance.

The adult fish are captured using stress-free methods and remain in husbandry pools until they are ready for harvesting. Humane slaughter is achieved by lupara, a device that causes instantaneous death. Immediate bleeding, gutting and chilling follows the Japanese ike jime method, which eliminates stress and the natural consequences of death. The result is superior quality fish that is better tasting and longer lasting.  

Fully traceable portion information is accessible via QR code, including date, area of capture, weight, length, fat level, health & quality certificates.

Balfegó is a world leader in catching, feeding, studying, and marketing bluefin tuna. The fifth generation now running the company has transformed it with innovations in sustainability and technology. Balfegó’s tuna conservation methods are guaranteed by ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna). Balfegó is the only bluefin tuna farming company with an environmental sustainability certificate from AENOR (The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification).