Moulard Duck & Foie Gras

Moulard duck, beloved in France, is the breed commonly raised for foie gras production. The "magret" name denotes breast meat from a duck raised for foie gras.

Family owned & operated La Belle Farm has produced superior poultry in New York’s Delaware River Valley for more than two decades.


•  Cage free
•  Limited, closely supervised production
•  Complete vertical integration from breeding & hatching to growing & milling proprietary feed formulas to processing & packaging in their own USDA-inspected plants
•  No antibiotic or added growth hormones
•  Humanely hand-fed for fattening using flexible apparatus
•  Certified organic


Available cuts


• Breast Quarters
• Leg & Thigh Quarters

Foie Gras

  • Grade A 
  • Grade B 
  • Grade C 
  • Slices
  • Morsels