Shrimp & Langoustine

Gulf Shrimp

Our exceptional quality wild-caught Gulf Shrimp are products of the U.S.A, sustainably harvested in the Gulf of Mexico. They are free of the chemicals often used during processing to add water weight, extend shelf-life, or improve appearance.

Gulf White Shrimp


This species of Gulf shrimp is notable for sweet, firm, flavorful flesh. Available with shell on or peeled and deveined (P&D), these Gulf White Shrimp are very versatile: you can boil, barbecue or sauté them, or bread and deep fry them.

Available sizes:
• Shell-On: 21/25, 16/20, 10/15
• P&D: 21/25, 16/20

Key West Pink Shrimp


Exceptionally tender and sweet, Key West Pink Shrimp are the largest species of Gulf shrimp. An excellent choice for shrimp cocktail.  


Available shell-on in 3 sizes: 21/25, 16/20, 10/15



Langoustines (aka Norway Lobster) are a smaller relative of the lobster, and equally prized for their sweet tail meat. Wild caught in FAO 27 off Ireland, this delicious species of cold-water prawn is sometimes called scampi. They are often prepared boiled whole or split in half to cook on a grill or griddle. They make a wonderful addition to paella.

Whole, head-on Langoustines are available in 2 sizes: U8, U5