guinea hens

guinea hens

whole guinea hen

Guinea hens (also known as guinea fowl) are lean, darker meat heritage game birds. From authentic French breeding stock, these guinea hens are raised on family farms in North Carolina to strict Label Rouge standards. Smaller than conventional chickens, guinea hens are a flavorful alternative.

  • Free Range
  • Air-Chilled for Better Flavor & Texture
  • Humanely Raised on Small Family Farms
  • Authentic Imported French Breeding Stock
  • No Antibiotics, Hormones, or Growth Stimulants Used
  • Strict Vegetarian Feed Free from Animal Byproducts

The robust flavor of guinea hens has been prized since the days of the Ancient Egyptians. Stronger than chicken but not as bold as duck, guinea hens can be prepared with the same ingredients and flavors that you use with other poultry.

Commonly roasted whole in Europe, guinea hens can also be braised, seared, or otherwise cooked similarly to chicken. Because they’re lean, barding (wrapping with bacon, pancetta, or lardo), basting, brining, or rubbing butter under the skin is recommended.

label rouge standards

The Label Rouge (Red Label) standards were established in the 1960s by the French government to preserve heritage breeds and artisanal farming methods, ensuring the utmost animal husbandry and a high quality, flavorful product.

The program has very stringent standards that covers all aspects of chicken production: growing, housing and sanitation, transportation and processing.

Specific requirements include breed genetics, a low maximum stocking density in houses, a resting period for houses between flocks, flock size, access to pasture (free range), a minimum growing time, feed ingredients and air chilling.

available cuts

Whole (2.5-3lb)